RICS ‘BIM Manager’ Certification

The news that RICS are planning on running a ‘BIM Manager’ certification program has just been released on Twitter. It has, within minutes sparked up a big debate. There are many questions which need to be answered for it to be truly credible program in my opinion, but it’s certainly something which I’ll be following the progression of very closely.


For more information view the RICS website here for details. You can download the application form and an application guide which will take you through eligibility issues and course information.

The debate has already kicked off – Get involved on Twitter and add your 2 cents.

Click on the following link to view the rest of the conversation https://twitter.com/OllyTDB/status/390464837249019904

More info to come soon, without doubt!


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About Ben Malone

Information Manager for BIM.Technologies in London

2 responses to “RICS ‘BIM Manager’ Certification”

  1. Richard Buxton says :

    Inbuilding.org are running a free online Q&A on BIM and Autodesk Revit.

    Come and have a look

    • Ben Malone says :

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the comment. Sounds interesting, but there are issues signing up: get a “This field is required” error on the password field, despite the fact I already filled it in.


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