Revit MEP and MagiCAD for Revit

It’s been a busy month, reflected by my lack of updates on the blog! Fear not, I will still be posting updates when possible providing I get a spare minute.

Over the last month or so I have been neck deep in some fantastic projects, most notably a large scale Revit MEP project which I have had the pleasure* of converting from 2D CAD files. It has been a great learning curve but also brought to my attention some of the frustrations that Revit MEP users face.

Current MEP

One of the frustrations you face when working in MEP is the lack of generic families available from the Revit libraries. Although as we all know it is possible to create and modify existing families, compared to the other modules in Revit (Arch, Structure) there is a lack of detailed and useful families.

Other features which I feel are lacking, for example re-routing of clashing pipes / ducts etc. Although I’m not suggesting an automatic solution, there should be a simple way to edit and re-route where clashes appear, rather than having to go in and set up sections and manually set offsets for the said systems. I have been using Coins Auto-Section Box (click link for previous blog post) add-in  to no end over the past month as it is a great time saver for quickly creating the areas of the building you need to see in 3D.

Saying this, once you get to learn the ways of Revit MEP you begin to enjoy and see the benefits of the effort you are putting in to learn this new application. One thing I’ve learnt is; Being an expert with Revit Architecture, won’t get you very far using MEP – It’s a learning process, but a fruitful one if given time and patience.

At BIM Show Live 2013 I met with some of the guys who were working for a company called MagiCAD – These guys are working hard on producing and filling the gaps in how you design systems in AutoCAD and Revit MEP. Last week I was contacted and offered a chance to trial there add-in for a 30 day period, I jumped at the chance and am looking forward to getting started and implementing it on my current project to understand how it will improve efficiency.


Over the coming weeks, time permitting; I will be posting a series of blogs regarding working with MagiCAD for Revit MEP. I will try and neutrally portray the benefits and possible areas which I feel are lacking and would like to see further development. If you would like to learn more about MagiCAD you can visit their website here or by clicking on the image above.

After hearing some positive feedback from others in the BIM community, I am looking forward to getting started with MagiCAD for Revit MEP. Almost feels like getting given a present of a new bit of software rather than just an add-in for Revit. I have high expectations so I hope that I’m going to be blown away!

*After a few holes in the walls and a couple of monitors out the window


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