Vico Office Suite

Vico Office is a different way of working with Building information models. Used for much more than visualization, Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, 4D location-based scheduling and production control with flowline principles, and 5D estimating.

A multi user database solution licensed with single or shared license plans. A familiar user interface with 4 distinct areas, similar to Revit with the ribbon, workflow panel (project browser) the main work area and the 3D tools palette.

An add-in for Revit allows you to directly publish your Revit model into Vico Office Suite for analysis. Modifications and tags can be added and edited via Vico software without having to re-edit in Revit. Reviewing your model for clashes etc is also possible, using either a layer or component based analysis.

Excellent quantity take off tools are also included within the suite with detailed results which can be seen in the video to the right around 12:00 mins in. Similar to Navisworks in many ways, Vico also has some other useful tools and claims it’s focused on managing construction.

“Q: What advantages does Vico have versus Navisworks? And what are the main differences between the software?

A: They are very different systems. Navisworks, as part of the Autodesk family, is a partner of ours. The key for Navisworks is the coordination software and it really has a great ability to automatically detect collisions between different models as you put them together.

Vico Office is really focused on managing construction… Not only documenting where there are constructability issues, but then being able to takeoff quantities for the estimate and being able to schedule the project.”

Vico office suite is a software package containing many different sub programs for the 6 key areas of analysis: 3D BIM for Visualisation, 3D BIM for Clash Detection, 3D BIM for Quantity Takeoff, 4D BIM for Scheduling and production control, 5D BIM for estimating and Construction management reporting.

A 30 day structured evaluation program enables you to test the software and see how it fits your needs before deciding to purchase. If you are interested in a free trial then view the Vico website HERE. There are also a vast amount of training and learning videos available on the Vico website as well as their YouTube channel which you can find HERE.

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has been using Vico software, especially if you are working for an SME where the ROI %s are obviously significantly lower than on huge projects.


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