Revit & BIM – The best resources from 2012

For me, 2012 has been a great year of researching and learning. Thanks to many contributors who share their knowledge throughout various sources on the internet, this has been a succesful process as far as finding the top quality information which you can use in real life situations for your work.

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to make a list of all the websites, information portals and social media platforms which have helped me learn and discover many new and exciting tools and ways of working in 2012. In this list I will also include, in my opinion, the best sources for finding information and in particular getting help for that specific niggling problem you have.


This list could be endless, as there are so many great blogs focusing on BIM technologies and the tools which are used to enhance the process. The blogs which I have decide to list here are my top 5 favourite blogs from 2012 which I have read and gained most knowledge from.


There are many great forums out there which you can use to get specific answers to your BIM or software problems, or to just talk to fellow professionals about a certain subject or area of interest. Although I have not participated too actively on any forums, I have often used them to research different subjects. Here’s my top 3 for finding useful information.

The Revit Forum – A fantastic forum to find the answer to all your Revit problems, lots of active users, new postings daily. 
AUGI Forums – Another great resource to find and share information, the AUGI forums is a place to discuss all things Autodesk 
Vasari Forum – The Vasari forums are, as the name suggests specificially in place to discuss Vasari, lots of interesting topics.

There seems to be a lack of a general BIM forum with many active users, it has certainly been tried but none of the forums have really caught on and become active. Saying this, there are so many other places to discuss BIM as shown from the rest of this post. 


Social Networks

Twitter – Twitter has continued to be a great source in 2012 for networking and finding informtion on BIM. Peronally I feel it is probably the best place to get the latest and most updated information on everything BIM related. Not only that but it offers some great entertainment to split up the day a bit. I have made a list of all the best and most useful BIM people I follow. I gurantee if you follow all these, you will be entertained and probably learn something new daily!  

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is another good networking resource to get in contact with BIM users. The groups section allows users to create groups focusing on certain subjects, software, companies etc. Some groups can often be host to some interesting debates, but I find the best information always gets shared to Twitter anyway, but it is well worth getting involved with LinkedIn if you aren’t already. 

BIM Component Portals

With more and more manufacturers getting on board with BIM, an increase of BIM object portals has started to increase. Top quality families and objects are now available to download from many resources. Here are my top 3 BIM component resources:

BIM Store – BIM Store, a part of the BIM Technologies group, in my opinion continues to be the biggest and best resource for all your BIM object needs. The site focuses on top quality manufacturer BIM objects, with downloads available in a number of different outputs.

The National BIM Library – The National BIM Library, created by The NBS is another good resource for manufacturer BIM objects with new lines updated regularly.
BIM Object – BIM Object portal is another useful site for finding manufacturer BIM objects. Many European manufacturers are involved.


YouTube has been another great resource for me to help find out more about BIM and Revit. It is amazing the amount of top quality information, including detailed tutorial courses that are available for free on YouTube. You are almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for somewhere on this portal. Here are my top 3 favourite YouTube Channels of 2012.

Autodesk Building – This is a great channel to keep up to date with all the information from the Autodesk BIM team. All the latest news and resources are posted and shared here. Interesting case studies and customer feedback are also frequently uploaded. Tutorials for Autodesk software are also available on the Autodesk Building channel, in short, a good resource for all things Autodesk!

Fridays with Vico – Fridays with Vico is a great resource for BIM information and workflows. The main focus of the channel is of course on Vicos own tools but a lot of focus is on the collaboration and interoperability with other BIM products. Well worth subscribing. 

Paul Aubin – Paul Aubins YouTube channel is another great resource for tutorials and small tips in Revit. He also has a series of Revit tutorials which are worth checking out. There are many other great YouTube channels out there for short, specific revit tips, all it takes to find them is a search! 


BIM Task Group – The BIM Task Group is a government run organisation paving the way to get the UK in order for the 2016 deadline or Level 2 BIM on all projects. There are also many good resources and articles available on the site. Keep up to date with the latest PAS relating to BIM here.

Building Smart UK – Building Smart continue to work on a lot of excellent projects to aid the progression and forward movements of the AEC industry. Working groups have been set up concentrating on COBie, Level 3 BIM, and BIM & Infastructure.

BIM 2050 Group – Are another organisation continuing to work to imrpove the construction industry, with a particular focus on BIM in education, cultural and integration and technology and proccess.


Ones to look out for in 2013

AEC-APPS – AEC-APPS is collaboration between CASE and SOM, providing a portal for reviewing and downloading specific apps. With the help of filters and categories it is easy to find a tool that will help your BIM workflows. The community aspect of the site is also a key component which will help the site to grow and be actively updated.

The B1M – The B1M or the BIM One Million is another site which promises to be a useful resource for BIM information in the future. The site is aimed at those interested in BIM who wish to share the journeys with others. Once the places fill up, the site is sure to be a good resource for finding out more about BIM.

Project Grapevine – This is a new resource from Autodesk which opens up a new concept for finding help online. This portal is similar to a forum, in the way you can ask others for help with specific problems. The main difference is the ability to upload files and photos in a much more interactive environment. I think this will definitely be one to watch out for in 2013.

BIM Diary – Last but not least, a shoutout for myself! BIM Diary has been running for over 6 months now, with well over 300 unique BIM events added worldwide. It helps attendees to find the events which suit them, and is a free resource for the event holders to advertise their events.The more people who contribute to BIM Diary the better a resource it will become. 


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