Report: Understanding BIM 2009

This is just a repost from the ‘Projects’ section of my site. This is my university dissertation / report which was researched / written through 2009 and delivered in 2010. The topic of this report is Understanding BIM; a guide for beginners. The aim of my report was to add some light on, at the time, a dark subject. What I mean by this is that there is now a lot more knowledge / information available on a subject which was at the time, very much a ‘process in progress.’

The reason I have decided to post this now is because there seems to be a lot of debate surrounding the topic and especially the actual definition of the word BIM, all of which I discussed in this report. Of course aspects of this report aren’t correct in their enitrety, but I feel it was a good estimation for the future of BIM and the understanding of the process.    

Some of the main areas of the report include defintions of BIM, tools which enhance the process of BIM. Practical ways to implement BIM and who can take advantage of the process of BIM in their business. I also discussed my thoughts on the future of BIM as well as case studies and some facts and figures from industry reports. 

To view the report, just click on the image file to the right, which will open up in a new frame as a .pdf which you can view or save for later viewing. I would like to make an updated version of the report and it’s something I will consider if I have time in the future.Image


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