PKNail for Revit

I have recently been researching an application for Revit that I found called PK Nail. Although I do not have the ability to test the software myself (due to lack of laser hadrware) I have found various companies and individuals who have – and the results seem very promising. 

To briefly summarise, for anyone who knows nothing about this application: PKNail and PK Nail pro allows a user to quickly and accurately capture and model existing buildings using field to BIM laser scanning techniques “massively reducing data collection time, rework and increasing accuracy.” Here is a short video which shows the process from capturing an existing building to a digital scan on your computer screen:

Once you have the captured building form and imported it in to Revit you can use PK Nail Pro to perform various tasks such as adding levels, walls, windows etc. It is also possible to copy stacked walls and windows to other levels and the interior of the building will eventually be ready to add components. This seems like a great way to model existing buildings. View the PK Labs YouTube channel here for more videos.

What you will need to get started:

Laptop/Tablet Running Revit 2011 or Revit 2012 – £1800+?
PKNail Pro for Revit – £1600 +/-
Leica Disto D8 Laser Range Finder – £750 +/-

As you can see, there are some fairly large initial investments, but if you are regularly trying to accurately capture existing buildings then this peice of kit may be for you or your business. I would sure love the oppurtunity to try out the process from scanning to modeling in Revit – any offers?? :)

After doing a little more research on this application I was recommended on Twitter by Brian Skiprac to check out a class from AU 2011 – “Rapid Energy Modeling and Sustainable Design with Reality Capture” Presented by Jessica Miller. This is a great class which talks about how to get started, as well as covering costs and a comparison between software such as 123D Catch and PK Nail Pro. I would highly recommend you to check out the course content here  – Be sure to log in to the Autodesk community so the files are available to download. 

Aside from a great peice of software PK Nail Pro have come up with a great way to market their product further on Twitter. Anyone Tweeting about PK Nail Pro is entered in to a draw to win an iPad! More details here – P.S. I’d really like to win an iPad ;) 


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