NBS national BIM report 2012

NBS are heavily involved with the research and progression of BIM at the highest level. The national BIM report 2012 documents the state of the construction industry, and how far AEC professionals have come in the process of adopting BIM into their practices. The main topics covered in this report are: BIM and the UK construction stratergy. BIM from the view of a small practice. A BIM survery which was compiled from members of RIBA, CIAT plus many more AEC organisations. It talks about what BIM will mean for design fees, and finally discusses the collabortion and methods of BIM. The summary of this being that many heads are better than one when collaborating efficiently and succinctly. 

“Last year we suggested ‘BIM is the future… It looks like it might pay to get on board sooner rather than later’. We might now say that BIM is increasingly the present and it might be best not to get left behind. ”


The report shows clearly that a vast majority of architects in the UK are still using CAD based software in their projects. On a more positive note, more and more people are beginning to realise the potential of BIM. It is no longer possible for the old fashioned architects to ignore it. BIM is here now and BIM is the future of the construction industry. There is not really any dispute left there to be had. Over 75% of people on the surverys admitted they would be using it within the next year, and a massive 90% over the next 5 years. Those stuck in a 2D / CAD based mindset will be left behind, while those who are passionate about BIM and choose to implement it with a solid stratergy plan, will see their practices and collaborations flourishing.  

Read the full report here or visit The NBS website for more BIM related articles.


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