IMAGINiT Tech Scan to BIM Revit integration

I have been checking out various sessions that were recorded from AU 2012 over the weekend. So far, one of my favoruites has been Beau Turner presenting Scan to BIM: A few million points. This is an introduction and live demonstration of how to use IMAGINiT Technologies Scan to BIM tool to import a point cloud into Revit and step by step, begin to develop these points into real geometry.

Once you have surveyed and scanned a building, the process of developing a point cloud in a BIM authoring tool such a Revit, is actually slightly easier than I had first anticipated, and this is down to the very smart tools incorporated in the Scan to BIM add-in for Revit.

With my limited understanding of the laser scanning, I feel the point cloud is generated in a similar way to the method used in tools such as Autodesk 123D Catch where it captures many images and ‘sews’ them together using common objects as reference points to achieve a fully 3D point cloud consisting of millions of points.  

Once you have your point cloud, you can import it into Revit in a number of different inputs. .pcg is the standard Autodesk output for point clouds and is an effective output to use within Revit. If you watch the video above, you will see how Beau Turner transforms his point cloud data into a very accurate representation of the original building, using Scan to BIM tools to transform the points into walls, windows, curtain walls etc. 

Another great feature is the ‘Pipe’ tool which can, as the name suggests model pipes which you have scanned in the interior of a building for example. You will also see this demonstrated in the video above, so I would definitely recommend taking 45 minutes out of your day to watch this class. 

After being inspired by this AU class, I requested a trial of Scan to BIM for Revit 2013, which I am planning to test out later this week when I have more time. I will post some results of my research here as and when I have had the chance to play around. 

Visit IMAGINiT Technologies on Twitter here, or view their Scan to BIM homepage here.


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