IMAGINiT Clarity for Revit Server


IMAGINiT Technologies have released Clarity for Revit Server. This tool can be used along side Revit Server to enhance and boost your collaboration and privacy options. Revit Server can be difficult to set up if you do not have experience with it, for example; adding and modifying user permissions on particular projects / files. 

Clarity is a tool which focuses on allowing the BIM manager in AEC firms to succesfully implement and distribute work through a Revit server, with complete confidence that the server is functioning as it should be and each user on that server has permissions set up specificially for their disciplines / job roll. 

The interface of Clarity is also very clean and easy to work with. It gives a great overall view of all projects, with a unique view of project information. Other information such as who last edited a model is also generated and visible on the web based interface. It also has a intelligent data extraction tool which can come in very useful for splitting up your schedules by phases etc. 

In short, Clarity works alongside the Revit Server to enhance data management, with an easy to use interface, for a good overview of project management.  

“To the best of my knowledge, we are first people releasing an application on top of Revit Server that does all this … we are the only ones that are thinking of it as a platform,” said Beau Turner, IMAGINiT’s director of business development, Building Solutions, and one of Clarity’s creators.   

Due to the fact that Clarity has only recently been released, there is not a huge amount of information available online from third party sources, but IMAGINiT have released 2 videos so far, firstly this YouTube video, which gives a short introduction to the product, and secondly, gave a very informative and useful presentation at their BIMSpectrum event which I have mentioned before on my blog. The presentation is still available on demand on the BIMSpectrum website, so if you are interested in learning further about this program I would encourage you to sign up and view the videos here. 

“Built upon the Autodesk Revit Server platform, IMAGINiT Clarity helps to resolve sharing issues as well as provide task automation and project reporting. By using IMAGINiT Clarity you can customize your Revit Server setup, resolve sharing issues, work securely on different projects with different parties – all with simple setup, easy administration and secure connectivity.”

Introduction to IMAGINiT Clarity – YouTube
BIMSpectrum event – Sign up Image


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