Autodesk BIM Curriculum

I have recently rediscovered Autodesks BIM Curriculum which is aimed at students and AEC professionals learning the basics as well as advanced level BIM techniques / wrork flows. I would recommend checking out as many of the tutorial videos as possible, as unlike many other BIM videos and tutorials, this collection concentrates on the information going in to the building rather than the actual modeling side of the project.

Some of the videos posted in the collection include: Creating and comparing conceptual estimates, Adding facility management information to BIM elements, Using 4D simulation for materials planning and management. All of these videos contain a lot of valid information which you can put straight into your practice / work. Each video comes with a collection of exercises and reading material in order to actually learn what is being taught rather than just watching it through and being impressed! All the videos and exercises can be found on the link below.

Autodesk BIM Curriculum 2012 



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