Augmented Reality with Autodesk Showcase 2013

Autodesk labs must have been hard at work recently with a number of exciting and very interesting add-ins which have been released over the past week or so. I will be discussing ‘Augmented Reality’ for Showcase 2013 today and move on to speaking about Maximo for Revit over the weekend – Both completely different but each with their own value to me.

Now if you are a user of Autodesk 3Ds Max you may have already played around with a similar plugin before called AR-Media. AR for Showcase is a slightly more updated versions with more options, and most importantly your model or AR image can be displayed almost anywhere or on anything, not only a black box marker.

In short AR for Showcase allows the user to view their models as real objects through their webcam or video recording device. The idea is simple – Create you model, export it in to Autodesk Showcase – Set a marker as your ‘point of origin’ for your model – Use your webcam to record your marker and wallah! You now see your model represented as an AR object through the recording of your webcam / video recorder.

As you can see in the bottom video to the right – Adam Ward from BIM Store posted a video on Vimeo showing some cubicles that they had designed as Augmented Reality objects through the use of his webcam.

The uses for this are numerous – 1 of the key uses could be on construction sites where you are interested to see how a certain building or object will fit in to a space in real life. It’s like having a video of a building in an area where you want to build before it’s even built! With the possibility of scaling your AR object it could also be very useful for space calculation for interior designers etc.

I am planning as always to try out this new technology and will be posting my results as soon as I’ve finished it. – Any suggestions for what kind of object to project then let me know via Twitter or on the comments section on the blog. Happy weekend to everyone.


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2 responses to “Augmented Reality with Autodesk Showcase 2013”

  1. chinni sumanth says :

    can u pls provide me the link/File for Augmented Reality plugin to install for Autodesk showcase.

  2. Ben Malone says :

    Hi Chinni,

    Unfortunately, this was just an Autodesk labs technology preview, and as such it was discontinued on April 30, 2013.

    Further information about this can be found here:


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