AEC acronyms

Just a quick post to clear up the definitions of some of the acronyms commonly used in the AEC / BIM communities. This post is for anyone who is less familiar with the AEC industry, as a reference for definitions and terms.  

AEC Architecture, Engineering and ConstructionImage
AIA American Institute of Architects 
API Application Programming Interface
AT Architectural Technician
BIM Building Information Modeling 
BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method 
CIAT Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists 
COBie Construction Operations Building information exchange 
DGN DesiGN, format used by Bentley
DXF Drawing eXchange Format
DWG DraWinG, format used by Autodesk
gbXML Green building eXtensible Modeling Language 
GIS Geographic Information System
IBD Intelligent Building Data 
IFC Industry Foundation Class
IGES International Graphics Exchange Standard
IS International Standard
ISO International Standard Organization
IT Information Technologies
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LOD Level Of Detail
NBIMS National Building Information Modeling Standard
MEP Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
MQC Model Quality Control
MVD Model View Definition
RDB Revit Database
REM Rapid Energy Modeling
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
RVT Revit project extension file
RFA Revit Family Archive file
RFT Revit Family Template file 
VDC Virtual Design and Construction
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

These are the terms which I have come accross most frequently in the AEC industry. If there are any that you can think of that I have left out, please leave a comment and I will add them to the list.


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