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Bitcasa beta opens!

So we’ve all heard of programs like Dropbox etc but a new name on the market Bitcasa has opened its beta test to a select group of people. Anyone can sign up to join the beta although there is a waiting list. Click here to sign up today! With almost 8 exabytes or 8 million terabytes to you or me, you will never run out of hard drive space again! Bitcassa, like dropbox also allows shared folders which would be suitable for collaboration on large projects and sharing files. 


Founded in 2011 by former employees of Mastercard, VeriSign and Mozy, Bitcasa offers infinite storage paired with best in class security via client-side encryption. Bitcasa’s commitment to data security and reliability means that you will never need to worry about your important files, photos or other digital content. No matter if your computer is stolen or your computer crashes, your data is secure with Bitcasa.


Infinite Storage On Your Desktop

Bitcasa makes your desktop infinite. No more worries about whether your local hard drive is full or having to upgrade your cloud plan. You’ve got all the space you could ever use.

Data Storage Should Be Smarter

Keeping your data on your laptop or desktop is risky because they are prone to fail. That’s why Bitcasa brings the cloud to your desktop. Since all files are encrypted your data is safe from everyone—even us.

No More Syncing And Copying

Bitcasa is your new hard drive. Anywhere you go. You don’t need to copy files onto another drive, you keep them on the Bitcasa drive.


Want to share a photo album? You can instantly share any of your folders in Bitcasa to friends or family.

Want to share a large file with a colleague? Sharing of any size file is completely free with Bitcasa.

Your Data Is Secure

Bitcasa encrypts your data before it is sent to the cloud. It is actually impossible for Bitcasa to access any of your data for any reason.



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