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Free Revit Architecture textures

I came across a post on Twitter today advertising for some free textures for Revit. If you are anything like me and enjoy rendering in Revit then you will know that although there is a decent collection, you are often missing the correct texture. LG Hausys have released a series of HI-MAC textures available for Windows and Mac users. The textures (a selection in the image below) concsist of 109 different stones / stone finishes. The images are all high quality and very suitable for rendering as tested this afternoon. 

Revit textures

I ran a small test this afternoon on the Ivory Quartz texture which came out well. If you are unsure, you can add custom textures in Revit when selecting materials, just duplicate and rename a similar default material, go to appearance and click on image to add your desired texture. All of the above textures and many more can be downloaded from the links below. I must thank @Lukeyjohnson on twitter who runs the blog: What Revit Wants, who posted  alerting me to this.

LG Hausys HI-MAC website

Direct download link for texture files


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