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You can download the back catalogue of Revit tips and tricks from both the Manchester and Midlands Revit user groups as a single download up to meeting No. 8. After meeting 8, tips and tricks are uploaded on an individual meeting basis. Videos are not narrated.

A taster of some of the presentations from the latest meeting on July 17th include:

Autodesk Revit Adaptive Components, by Jon Frost of Cadassist
The COBieNATOR: The MRUG Cut, by Rob Jackson of Bond Byran Architects
Taking Revit to the construction site and back, by Paul Walker, Autodesk 360 Product Manager

Visit the Manchester Revit User Group website here to view and download presentations and tutorials. Thanks to Rob Clark, the organisers and sponsors for sharing the content.

Project Skyscraper to bring Revit Collaboration to the Cloud

The following article regarding Autodesk’s new ‘Project Skyscraper’ from ‘The Revit Jedi blog’
Project Skyscraper to bring Revit Collaboration to the Cloud  
Project Skyscraper is a technology preview for Revit that will allow architects, engineers and contractors to collaborate on the Autodesk 360 cloud platform, eliminating the need for firms to invest in costly IT set-ups.
Basically it’s Revit Server on the Cloud! YES! No more trying to share models with our consultants, trying to break through firewalls, being restricted with bandwidth restrictions, frustration of sync issues…. Revit Server on the Cloud! About time! It’s the one piece in the collaboration puzzle that’s been missing.
With collaborative workflows across teams spanning different firms and locations becoming more and more common, architecture, engineering and construction firms are looking for ways to simultaneously co-author models across firewalls. Project Skyscraper allows project stakeholders from multiple companies or locations to concurrently author a model using the BIM process. 
Wrapping this up within the Autodesk 360 platform make sense, in my opinion 360 was more for contractors and designers didn’t really reap the benefits until after design. Skyscraper will complete that circle so we can now all collaborate real time…which does bring up other issues….
Do we really want to share our models real time? I think in the early stages of design we’ll have to work out some sort of protocols and restrict sharing to bi-weekly or weekly. Nothing worse than working on a design only to find that it’s all been changed 10 minutes latter.
Cant wait to try it out…

Using Dynamo to create a facade on an existing Revit structure

Check out this awesome playlist by Andrzej Samsonowicz, showing you how to “Panelise Existing Revit data with Dynamo” Thanks to Zach Kron for the heads up. There are also a large amount of ‘beginner’ tutorials on the Dynamo BIM website which are a great place to start.

Adopting BIM – An Architect’s Perspective

Elrond Burrell presents a series of lectures, presented at London South Bank University, 07th May 2014.

Topic’s covered:
The Wider Context of BIM including UK Government Policy
Architype’s journey into BIM
Using BIM for Passivhaus Design

COBie for Designers, Contractors and Owners

Bill East, who you may know from his various work with COBie in the USA has created a new series of videos; COBie for Designers, COBie for Contractors and COBie for Owners. You may have seen his previous YouTube videos titled ‘COBie College‘ which were a great introduction to understanding COBie. Thanks to @BondBryanBIM on Twitter for the heads up to the following videos:

COBie for Designers

COBie for Contractors

COBie for Owners

“Oh won’t you stay……..just a…

Ben Malone:

Thought provoking article from John Eynon @56JONTS regarding the recent news that the UK BIM Task Group will be disbanding – Will the growth of BIM in the UK continue, or will the lack of government support / push cause the slow down of adoption for many who haven’t started their journey?

Originally posted on Zen and the Art of Design Management:

.……little bit longer!”……

There’s a lot of talk about legacy.

Margaret Thatcher transformed politics in the 80’s, some would say not for the better, and some people cheered at the news of her death.

Blair lead the dream of New Labour but it will always be tarnished by the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and non-existent weapons of mass destruction. You can make your own mind up. I don’t intend to get into politics here, but we often think of what we’re leaving for the next generation.

I can’t remember whether I heard it or read it, but I’m thinking it’s something about starting and finishing. Starting and finishing anything properly takes real skill and a lot of effort. Keeping things going can be a little more economical on effort. You have momentum, you just need to maintain it.

Digital legacy

Which brings us neatly to the UK BIM…

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Revit Online – in your browser!

Note: Revit 2015 software will be available soon. But you can try Revit 2014 now.

Revit 2014 is now available online and can be accessed directly in your browser as a 30 day free trial. This is a real game changer for software use in the cloud. This will enable users of older and low end machines to get the same quality and speed out of Revit as those with a high spec machine. More importantly this will eventually open up a whole new level of live collaboration on projects. Watch this space!

This online trial for Autodesk® Revit® 2014 and Autodesk® Revit LT™ 2014 software is an instance of Revit and Revit LT hosted in the Autodesk cloud. The online trial, in combination with Autodesk 360, enables you to experience and evaluate Revit and Revit LT without large downloads or sophisticated computer hardware. Note that the online trial is running on a remote server. Keyboard and mouse input are streamed to the remote server and graphics are streamed back to your machine. The online trials are compatible with Windows® XP SP3, Vista, 7, and 8 on both 32- and 64-bit.

Revit trial only: Worksharing is currently not supported in the online trial for Revit 2014. Attempting to use worksharing or opening projects where worksharing has been enabled in this environment could result in file corruption.

There is also a 30 day desktop trial available on the Autodesk website so you will now have a chance to test out some of the new features I posted last week in the “Videos: What’s New in Revit 2015” post.* Edit – The online trial is Revit 2014 only – This will be updated shortly.

For more information, view the official Autodesk release regarding the online trial here

Is laser scanning about to die?…

Ben Malone:

“Is laser scanning about to die?” Interesting opinions from Matt Mccarter regarding the technology behind laser scanning on Casey Rutlands ‘The Case for BIM’ blog.

Originally posted on The CASE for BIM:


…. In the short term, certainly not. However, beyond the short term, without revolutionary hardware innovation the decline of laser scanning is inevitable.

I know each manufacturer has some very good features that work for it’s current customers. But where is the true innovation in hardware?  The last time I experienced a true wow factor from a laser scanner was 10 whole years ago. The first time I saw a full 360 dome scan done with a phase based scanner in around 5 minutes my mind was blown at how much data we could collect in a single shift. Prior to this a full dome scan took so long that an essential piece of site equipment was a laptop and a healthy pile of DVD’s to watch whilst scans were in progress!

Every two years or so, each laser scanning manufacturer releases a new product. The survey industry gets excited…

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PAS1192:3 now available to download

Videos – What’s New in Revit 2015

Below are a few videos from my colleague Adam Ward from Gunslingers 2013 – Here are some of the new features you have to look forward to in Revit 2015. More info coming soon!

ACCA Software – An innovative approach to software licensing

ACCA logo

Guest post by Antonietta D’Urzo – ACCA Software

ACCA software’s new and innovative “Free UPP” software distribution system (Free Use Pay Print), allows you to download, use, learn, update and get technical support all for free.
This is the exact opposite to what is currently available in the professional software industry where licensing costs, maintenance subscription fees and training costs are extremely expensive and the software very complex and difficult to use.

Free UPP chances all of this not only by meaning convenient software but also meaning highly professional and easy to use software!

The Free UPP philosophy truly revolutionizes the architectural, engineering and building industry software solutions sector bringing you professional software in a more convenient and easier manner. You can download the full version completely FREE and without having to go through any account registration procedures allowing you to install the solutions on as many computers as you like. So you can use the software, get regular updates and technical support all for FREE and also take advantage of an extensive on-line Video Tutorial service to quickly learn all the tricks and go through hundreds of practical cases.

Furthermore each software has a dedicated forum and an e-mail technical support address where you can interact directly with technicians that will solve all of your issues by means of video explanations specifically created for your needs.


Another important advantage of Free UPP is the possibility to collaborate with anyone using the same software for FREE. The sharing of projects and professional collaborations are possible with everyone: all data is saved in a single file that anyone can open and work with for FREE thanks to Free UPP.

You pay only if you print or export your documents and working drawings spending just 10 Euro cents for each page in the A4 format. You are free to duplicate purchased prints as many times as you want and the first 500 A4 page prints are completely FREE.

The cost for printing an Architectural project or a Bill of Quantities is very cost convenient. For example, to print a bill of Quantities document composed of 20 A4 standard pages only costs € 2. The cost of each print is calculated in relation to the A4 sheet format. Unit price = 10 cents. Other print format costs, such as A1, A0, A3, etc., are based on the A4 format equivalent and formats that are not perfect multiples of the A4 format will be approximated.

The Free UPP solutions that ACCA currently has available for free download are: PriMus for bill of quantities and estimates, PriMus for Ipad for mobile BoQ’s and estimates, Edificius for architecture BIM design and 3D object CAD and very soon PriMus-TO for quantity Take off.

Bentley AECOsim Building Designer Reads Manufacturer Revit Family Files

Ben Malone:

Bentley AECOsim BD now supports .RFA (Revit families) natively. A step towards openBIM or a step back? In my opinion, even as a short term fix this is a good thing for the community, even if it does slightly undermine the efforts of the team working on the .IFC file format.

Originally posted on Bradley BIM | Revit -ArchiCAD -Bentley -Vectorworks:

View Bentley Corporation Website I’m pleased to publish Bentley’s formal announcement of Autodesk Revit Family support for their new AECOsim Building Designer V8i (SELECTseries 5) BIM software .

Our thanks to Bentley for using the Bradley Revit Family Library (1,000 families) as part of their larger data set –to test Revit family import stability integrity in the new AECOsim Building Designer V8i (SELECTseries 5) software.

Bradley Locker Room | Revit Toilet Partitions-Lockers-Lavatories  Bradley Revit Verge VDL 1-2-3 Station Lavatory Sink Families - Toilet - Locker Room DesignBradley Advocate AV90 Revit Family Locker Room Installation

Bentley’s Technical Manager (a former Revit Manager) for this project, focused on

  1. maintaining the Revit family geometry’s dimensional integrity,
  2. retaining the Revit family parametric & visibility control behavior,
  3. retaining the embedded parameter data type values,
  4. retaining the Revit family types (embedded or family catalogs)

This new feature immediately provides Bentley users access to 10’s of thousands of Building Product Manufacturers’ (BPM) Revit families in their native RFA file format.

Bentley will supports Revit family file formats for Revit 2009 through Revit 2014. When Autodesk Revit 2015 is released…

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